Friday, March 18, 2011

My Fashion Icon: Emma Watson

Who's that girl? Though you may need to look twice, the new face of Burberry is in fact none other than British beauty Emma Watson. Donning smoky eye makeup and Burberry classics like the signature print scarf and sleek trench coat, it is easy to see that this young starlet is all grown up. Her character and grace effortlessly inform the photographs; a perfect compliment to the beloved line known for its consistent style and elegance. Watson, a natural beauty with sharp wit, is the perfect person to embody Burberry's merger of classic looks with a modern edge. A la her on screen character Hermione Granger, Emma Watson has clearly worked her magic yet again. Taken from Teen Vogue's Website

Teen Vogue Photo-shoot.

I Took these photos from teenvogue's website. i really love her face. she has inner beauty and her smile is so naturally. i love her stylish and the designer too. It's so colorful and match with the background. i love this theme so much! Emma should be the best teen model right now. she really deserves it.

Emma Watson is my fashion icon. she always wears what she wants. and i really love her hair. she's so smart to choose some clothes that she wanna wear. so high-class! she never failed in fashion style. Premiere in a Rafael Lopez mini dress which had an unexpected combo of lace and feathers that accentuated by the star s daring pixie-cut.

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